Saturday 23 Aug 2014
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We, the team of Exenex , have understood that exporting has become not only an option or a possibility but also an obligation, or even a necessity in many of the small and medium companies.

We cooperate with the companies which have realized that Export is something else than selling the surpluses of the domestic market. It is a must to adapt and organize the company in such a way that foreign markets will accept the products and then, it will be possible to say, I AM EXPORTING.

We advise companies about their internal organization to improve their documentary assets, promotion and product marketing and their brand by opening their own markets and distribution channels.

In short words, we work to offer our Experience, our Export Experience and Knowledge to the small and medium companies.

Thank you.

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Company Analysis

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We carry out an analysis to evaluate if your company is prepared to export.


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Improvement to Foreign Markets

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We adapt and organize your company in order that your products could be competitive in other foreign markets.


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Agenda Organization

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We search clients, agents, distributors,…in the country that is considered more suitable for your products.


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Legal Consultancy

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We advise you in a juridical way for all legal actions that your company needs.


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